Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Paul R. Sasso provides general civil practice services for clients seeking advice and representation in a range of key areas. Mr. Sasso, a graduate with honors from Boston University and a Juris Doctorate holder from the University of Miami, serves as the practice’s sole practitioner. With extensive training in taxation law as well as experience in the fields of real estate and mortgaging through his operation of relevant local firms, Mr. Sasso and his team are uniquely qualified to ensure clients receive the very best counsel and representation for financial concerns and beyond.


The firm’s primary areas of practice include real estate, business transactions, estate planning & probate, corporate planning & taxation, litigation, and family law. The sophisticated knowledge such fields often require together with the technical complexity and potential for personal challenges frequently experienced are well-matched by the firm’s resources and expertise.

An aggressive approach to representation paired with invaluable familiarity in each field practiced allows the firm to fully serve its clients. As a top choice for legal services in Southern Florida, the Law Offices of Paul R. Sasso represents major area banks and other businesses, as well as many private clients.

Since the inception of the firm, we have evolved with the ever changing real estate market throughout South Florida. The Firm represents small, mid-size, and large corporations as well as individuals in land acquisitions and sales, foreclosures, construction, real estate financing, loan closings and other related matters. In addition to simple leases, evictions, and real estate closings, the firm has extensive experience in handling all real estate aspects of complex residential and commercial transactions for clients who are either buying, selling, financing and/or leasing. The firm is also well versed in Landlord Tenant law bringing tenant disputes and evictions to a quick and cost effective resolution. In addition, the principal, Paul R. Sasso, is the owner of a mortgage company, Attorneys’ Mortgage Plus, Inc., which has been in business since 1993, providing him with extensive knowledge as to the intricacies of the lending industry thereby making the firm well suited to assist, defend, or prosecute in real estate lending matters.

The firm has enjoyed the on-going enterprise of negotiating business deals, be it with small consumer goods companies to large international financing corporations. Problem solving and negotiating is a delicate field to maneuver, and our firm is easily positioned to manage this highway by adapting a mind set of flexibility and adaptivity while understanding people’s wants and needs. Following these principles has proven to increase the our ability to create and close deals that benefit both sides of the transaction. The ability to do so is only enhanced by the legal and tax background we possess and our knowledge of emerging business and the global economy.

The firm assists individuals in all aspects of domestic and international estate planning and estate administration ranging from simple wills to complex advise in U.S. tax matters, asset protection, life insurance, wealth transfer plans, and foreign trusts, all to maximize the client’s value of assets. The firm possesses extensive knowledge and practical experience in implementing various techniques necessary to preserve the client’s wealth. In addition, the firm’s estate administration practices envelope all aspects of administration assisting the client/family in a thoughtful and caring process of gathering inventory, valuing assets in the estate, advising the fiduciaries of their legal and practical role, protecting the beneficiaries, and administering the process in a timely and caring manner.

As the result of the firm’s extensive practice in the areas of corporate and real estate law, the firm has developed a sophisticated federal, state and local tax practice providing advice, planning, and structuring for a wide range of corporate, partnership, real estate, technology and international transactions, including real estate and business acquisitions and sales, joint ventures, corporate and partnership mergers,  divisions and reorganizations, tax-deferred exit strategies, technology transfer strategies and other tax matters. Our firm has also proved its role as a leader in providing specialized service to not-for-profit organizations. Using an extensive  resource base, the firm is able to address local, regional, national and international concerns. The firm’s ability to understand the intricacies and nuances of state and federal income tax, estate and gift tax, and the various charitable tax regimens assist in defining our client’s goals within the context of all relevant taxing statutes.

The firm handles a wide variety of civil trial and trial related matters in local and state courts and before administrative agencies. Within the range of our business and civil litigation practice, we specialize in not only defending towing companies but also plan and prepare towing contracts with the local municipalities. Our extensive knowledge within this specialized industry and the industry statues allows our firm to maximize our time and provide efficient quality service and results to tow truck companies. We have been successfully representing tow truck companies for the past fifteen years. In addition to this particular niche, our firm also consists of real estate litigation, complex commercial litigation involving commercial leases and contracts, interference with business and contractual relationship claims, corporate shareholder and partnership disputes, business tort claims, and compensation claims, among other issues. The firm understands the importance and necessity of increasing specialization and skills required in negotiating and trying cases, utilizing other means of resolving disputes in a cost effective manner.

Family law is a very tenuous and difficult area of law and the decision to divorce is not an easy one. Our firm regularly handles uncontested divorces in a practical and professional manner understanding the emotions involved and bringing a quick resolution to an uncomfortable situation. On the occasion that our regular clients find themselves in a heated and uncomfortable family dispute, be it a dissolution of marriage, child custody and visitations issues, and/or post judgment modifications, our firm is ready to actively and aggressively represent our clients interests, always keeping our clients informed and at ease with the process, and respecting their objectives. With our knowledge and experience we approach each issue in a non-adversarial manner in order to provide our clients with a reasonable and comfortable resolution. Our firm also provides pre and post nuptial agreements that can range from simple agreements to complex resolutions, and of course, always providing an honest assessment of the situation.